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About the Studio


Daniel Herman has been working with stained glass for 36 years. He has designed and fabricated stained and etched glass for settings both public and private. The studio prides itself in attempting to create works in glass responsive to each individual setting.  Contemporary works predominate because these are our times and our art is probably truest when it reflects that. When the setting calls for period stylization the studio is likewise sensitive to that prospect. 


The studio also offers repair and restoration services.


Light Is The Key


Glass differs from other artistic media in that it employs, in a manner both simple and direct, the natural power and grace of the light of day. From the moment a window is set in place it belongs to the light, its textures and colors bearing witness to the myriad nuances of that splendid energy. Whereas a painting may reflect the artist's impression of a particular moment, that impression forever registered, a stained glass window is a performer whose shifting countenance portrays this day, this moment.


Craft and Design


My art works in glass are composed from a rich variety of materials and techniques. Glasses range from mouth-blown "antique" glasses to domestic machine-rolled commercial textures, and that miracle of our time humble float glass. Glazing (leading) is accomplished with lead or zinc cames depending upon aesthetic and structural considerations. I have for some time been applying metals either directly to the glass or integrated with the glazing. Etching with a sandblaster has also become an integral element of my palette.


Most of my works are non-objective as concerns graphic imagery. Yet, something born of studying a site, the design process, and the dialogue with materials during fabrication, seems inevitably to imbue each piece with its own narrative.


Working within the context of a given situation I am moved to employ craft and materials with an eye and aim toward expression through color, texture, line, and of course, light.